Dquad Obsession with Spektrum SPMFCF400

Dquad Obsession with Spektrum SPMFCF400

My newest build: The Dquad Obsession with the new Spektrum SPMFCF400 flight controller.

Buildlog of Dquad Obsession
Buildlog of Dquad Obsession

Part List



It’s a straight forward build. I just followed the assembly manual.

XT60, Damper
XT60, Damper

I added two 3M foam pads to prevent the lipo from impact on the screws.

Flightcontroller F400
SPMFCF400 F400 Quad Racing Flight Controller

The new Spektrum flight controller has a built in 5V regulator for 2 to 6S battery input. There is no need for an other regulator/bec. Therefore I just use the Dquad Obsession basic power distribution board (pdb).


I always soft mount my flight controllers to minimize the motor vibrations on the gyro.

Spektrum SPM4649T Telemetry Receiver
Spektrum SPM4649T Telemetry Receiver

The Spektrum SPM4649T receiver fits perfectly on the flight controller. This new receiver needs 5V instead of the 3.3 V which older Spektrum satellite receivers have required. To prevent vibrations and shorts I put some double sided tape between the receiver and the flight controller. Attention: There must be no pressure on the gyro. So cut the tape to not stick on the gyro.

Capacitor 470µF 35V Low ESR
Capacitor 470µF 35V Low ESR

To smooth out the power supply, a low equivalent series resistance (ESR) capacitor is used. I highly recommend this for a cleaner video stream and a longer lifetime for all components. A bit hotglue was used to fix the capacitor.

ZMX Fusion X25 and Aikon SEFM 30A V3
ZMX Fusion X25 and Aikon SEFM 30A V3

All motors are soldered straight to the electronic speed controllers (ESCs). The motor spin direction can easily changed in the raceflight one gui.

Hints and thoughts

This Dquad Obsession frame is a very tough. I had some hard impacts on the ground and (suddenly appearing jump-) trees without any trouble 8). There is enough space for all “new” components and smart mounting possibilities.

Secure u.fl connector with tin and hot glue
Secure u.fl connector with tin and hot glue

The u.fl connectors on the receiver and the video transmitter are secured with a bit tin and hot glue.

Soft antenna mount
Soft antenna mount

The Furious FPV u.fl antennas are my new favourite. They are lightweight, flexible and easy to mount everywhere you want. I used hot glue again to fix it on the Dquad Obsession frame.

Soft antenna mount topview
Soft antenna mount topview

The receiver antennas are mounted with two zip ties and heat shrink.

Foxeer Arrow V3 Blue
Foxeer Arrow V3 Blue

The siteplates are designed for the Foxeer cams. It’s very easy to mount the camera and to slide it to your prefered angle.

All my newer builds don’t use an external osd like a micro minimosd. The Foxeer arrow V3 has an simple build-in on-screen-display (osd) for voltage, flight time and nickname – that’s just all I need. When smartaudio is used, the audio line from the video transmitter is connected to an TX UART port on the flight controller (there will be more information in upcoming weeks). Attention: The microphone on the Foxeer camera cannot uesed togehter with smartaudio!

Weight without LIPO
Weight without LIPO

The build weight of 326 grams is not bad but also not that impressive.

Weight with LIPO
Weight with 4s 1550mAh LIPO / All up weight (AUW)

Spektrum F400 and Raceflight One

There is no public version of Raceflight One for the new Spektrum F400 flight controller out now. I’m glad to be one of the tester. So far, I can say it’s working very well. The flightcode and pid controller works excellent. No propwash with stock PIDs – no excessive tuning was needed to get the locked-in feeling. The F400 and RF1 will be the completely care free package. I will report more about Raceflight One and the F400 when there is a public version…

Dquad Obsession with Spektrum F400
Dquad Obsession with Spektrum F400

Part details

Frame: The Dquad Obsession

features and specs

  • X design
  • Swappable arms
  • Bare frame weight is 94 grams
  • 4mm arms
  • 1.5mm sideplates
  • Custom 3D printed part to for the XT60 connector
  • Aluminum brackets
  • A very simple PDB with ESC +/- connections
  • Camara mounting plates are optimized for Foxeer Arrow V2/V3, Night Wolf and Monster
  • 2mm thick vtx antenna mounting plate at exactly 45 degrees

Flightcontroller: The Spektrum SPMFCF400

features and specs

  • Compatible with all Spektrum receivers and other brands like Futaba, Frsky, …
  • No Built in SBUS Inverter
  • Ready for the new SPM4649T telemetry quad racing receiver for full telemetry output support
  • Standard form factor 36mm x 36mm
  • Mounting holes: 30.5mm squared to center hole
  • RaceFlight dedicated support and Development
  • High Speed 32khz gyro
  • Leading Edge F4 Processor
  • LED Driver for WS2812b programmable LED
  • ESC flashing and configuration built into configurator
  • Built in 5V Regulator, 2 – 6S battery input
  • Dedicated port for Spektrum Telemetry laptimer
  • 2 MB Flash Memory for Black Box
  • Length: 36mm / 1.4 inch
  • Width: 36mm / 1.4 inch
  • Height: 6mm / 0.2 inch
  • Weight: 8 grams / 0.3 ounce

Receiver: Spektrum Serial Telemetry Receiver SPM4649T

features and specs

  • Small size and lightweight design
  • Works with most popular flight controllers
  • Single line connection provides output to FC while receiving telemetry input from FC or battery
  • Dual antennas for optimal range and RF performance
  • Length: 30mm / 1.2 inch
  • Width: 16mm /  0.6 inch
  • Height: 6mm /  0.2 inch
  • Weight: 3 grams /  0.1 ounce
  • Voltage Range
    • Receiver: 4.0v-7.5v
    • Vbatt Port: 6.0v-25.2v

Mounting the receiver on the flight controller

Spektrum Airware basic telemetry setup

Camera: Foxeer Arrow V3

features and specs

  • CCD: 1/3” Sony SUPER HAD II CCD
  • Pixel: PAL: 976(H) x 494(V);NTSC: 768(H)×494(V)
  • TV System: PAL/NTSC(according to country)
  • Resolution: 650TVL(b/w), 600tvl(color)
  • OSD: Edit Name, Power, Flying time
  • Synchronization: internal synchronize
  • Shutter Speed (CCD IRIS): PAL: 1/50~1/100000 sec; NTSC: 1/60~1/100000 sec
  • Noise: > 60 (AGC OFF)
  • Video Out: 75ohm, synchronize
  • Min. Illumination: 0.01Lux
  • Auto Gain: Off/Low/Mid/High
  • Back Light Compensation (BLC): Off /Back light compensation/ Strong light suppression
  • Private shading (PRIVACY): 1~8 private shading area
  • Motion Detection (MD): On/ Off (Multi level sensitivity settable)
  • Auto White Balance: Manual / Auto / Auto track
  • Mirror: Horizontal Mirror optional
  • Negative: Positive / Negative optional
  • Color to B&W: Auto
  • DNR: 2DNR
  • WDR: D-WDR
  • Day / Night Shift: Auto/ Color/ B&W
  • Menu (OSD): English menu
  • White Dot Repair: Support
  • Image Adjustment: Support
  • Camera Title: Support
  • Power Requirement: DC5V~35V
  • Working Temperature: -10 C ~ 50 C
  • Working Humidity: 20~80%
  • Storage Temperature: -40 C ~ 60 C
  • Storage Humidity: 20~95%
  • Dimensions(mm): 26X26(W*L)
  • Power Consumption: 70mA

Video transmitter: TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV Race

features and specs

  • 2-6S input power supported
  • 25mW / 200mW power settings
  • Ultra-clean transmission
  • PitMode – power up your quad during a race
  • Easy OSD, FC and RC channel changes, with fallback button menu
  • Robust RF amplifier allows powering up without antenna
  • Clean powerup and video switching
  • CE certified
  • SmartAudio V2
  • Operating Voltage: 2S – 6S
  • Supply current: 600mA
  • Operating Temperature: watch for normal airflow
  • Audio carrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz
  • Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Weight: 5g (with SMA, without antenna)
  • Antenna Connector: SMA Female Socket with screw mounting holes, U.FL to VTx
  • Video Format: NTSC/PAL
  • Output Power: 13dBm (25mW), 23dBm (200mW)

Antenna: Furious FPV 48mm 5.8Ghz U.FL RHCP Circular Antenna (Red)

Furious FPV 48mm 5.8Ghz U.FL RHCP Circular Antenna (Red)
Furious FPV 48mm 5.8Ghz U.FL RHCP Circular Antenna (Red)

features and specs

  • Ultra Light Weight / approx 1.6 grams
  • Compact Form for Micro Quad Application
  • Direct Fit for the Furious FPV Innova VTx and TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV Race
  • Popular RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarized) Polarization
  • Epoxy painted to prevent corrosion
  • 1.7dBi Beam Pattern
  • 5.8GHz Frequency
  • U.FL Connector
  • Length : 48mm

Motors: ZMX Fusion X25 2206 2300kv

features and specs

  • M5 to 4mm hollowshaft
  • Thick reinforced steel motor can (0.9mm) compared to V2 and V3 (0.7mm) – No more belly jammed
  • Original high quality NMB 4x9x4mm metal ball-retainer bearings for longevity
  • 0.15mm lamination steel stator for better efficiency
  • Adjustable bearing tension – changing bearing is the past
  • Spares and upgrades are available
  • Weight: 30.5g (with short wires)

Electronic Speed Controllers: Aikon SEFM 30A V3

features and specs

  • Version 3: DShot Optimized
  • Battery: 2-4s
  • Constant Current: 30A
  • Burst Current: 40A
  • Size: 14*25mm
  • Firmware: C_H_25(v3)
  • MCU: 8BB21
  • Bootloader: Yes
  • Weight (with/wire): 9g
  • Signal wire length: 150mm
  • Battery wire length: 100mm

BLheli_s/Dshot settings

  • Startup power: 0.25
  • Timing: med-high
  • Demag: high
  • Min throttle: 1000
  • Max throttle: 2000
  • Max Temp: 110°C

Propeller: Azure Power Race Propeller 5×4.5×3″ (Blue)

Azure Props Race
Azure Props Race

features and specs

  • 3 Blade
  • 5″ x 4.5
  • Race spec
  • Color: blue
  • Nylon and Glass Fiber

Light (LED): Liantian LED Strip with 4 WS2812B RG85050

RGB LEDs between the antennas
RGB LEDs between the antennas

features and specs

  • LED: 5050 colorful RGB
  • WS2812B LED Lamp
  • Voltage: 5V(4~7V)
  • Size: 32*10mm
  • Weight:1.5 grams
  • Port: Digital

Capacitor: Uxcell Radial Lead Electrolytic Capacitors, 10 x 17 mm, 470Uf 35V Low ESR

Capacitor on Dquad Obsession
Capacitor on Dquad Obsession

features and specs

  • Product name: Electrolytic capacitor
  • Type: radial lead
  • Low ESR [Equivalent Series Resistance]
  • Maximum temperature : 105°C
  • Withstand Voltage: 35V
  • Capacitance: 470uF
  • Body Size: 10 x 17 mm / 0.4″ x 0.67″(D*l)
  • Lead Spacing : 4.5mm / 0.18″
  • Lead Length: 26 mm / 1″21mm / 0.8″
  • Dielectric material: aluminum
  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 95 grams / 50 pcs
Raceflight One
Raceflight One
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