SpeedAddict Superlight (3 Inch) with KISS CompactCTRL “CC” (aka AIOv2)

SpeedAddict Superlight (3 Inch) with KISS CompactCTRL “CC” (aka AIOv2)

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SpeedAddict Superlight Frame

SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Build
SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Build

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  1. Super light frame
  2. Sub 150 gram AUW (no lipo) possible
  3. Tough as nails
  4. 130mm XL frame geometry
  5. Easy to build
  6. Easy to maintain
  7. Fits 20mm x 20mm or standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm FC’s
  8. Knurled silver anodized standoffs
  9. Multiple Vtx / FPV antenna mounting options
  10. Innovative Vtx / FPV antenna mount made of flexible TPU.
  11. Catalyst Machineworks unmatched quality materials
  12. Catalyst Machineworks unmatched quality fasteners
  13. Catalyst Machineworks unmatched performance
  14. Catalyst Machineworks unmatched customer support


  • 29 grams (fully dressed with all hardware and 3D parts)
  • 27 grams (no VTX mount or atenna mount)
  • Material: Twill Weave 3K Gloss CF
  • Bottom plate: 2.5mm thick
  • Top plate: 1.5mm thick
  • Frame Type: XL
  • Frame Size: 130mm
  • Motor pad mounting holes: M2 on 12mm bolt circle
  • Motors supported: 1306 or 1407
  • Lipos supported: 3s, 4s, 5s
  • Lipo sizes supported: 400mah to 1000mah
  • Lipo mounting position: Bottom
  • Fits 3″ props
  • Included 3D plastic parts color: Black (other colors sold separately)

KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One

This version of the All-in-One board by Flyduino consists of a KISS 32bit flight controller and 4x 32bit KISS ESCs, rated at 16A (21A active limit), great for mini FPV setups.

It’s made for instant DIY success as you only need to solder motor wires, connect power and a radio and go.
The KISS CC should be ideally driven up to 4s and up to 4 inch props. 5 inch props are possible but you need to choose motors carefully. The CC will actively limit the output to 21A.

KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One
KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One

Where to by


Specs and Features

  • The CC comes preflashed with FC fw v1.1RC6 and ESC16A fw v110a
  • Weight of PCB: 11g (without wires)
  • Size 35x42mm (with cut off corners)
  • 4x KISS ESC 32bit ESC’s 2-4S 16A (21A active current limiter)
  • KISS FC F3 32bit with serial, buzzer and LED ports.
  • Fully Dshot600 capable
  • The CC supports full telemetry and logging via serial port. Setup is the same as with the regular KISS FC.

More Infos & Downloads: http://kiss.flyduino.net/kiss-compactctrl-cc-allinone-fcescs


I soft mounted the KISS AIO board upside down. If you do so, all connectors are easy to reach. The only downside is that the bootloader button is only reachable by a screwdriver. The usb connector directed to the front. You can access this with a small micro usb cable. The board direction in the Kiss setup is: yaw +90° / roll +180°

SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch USB
SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch USB

The motor cables were laid on the underside.

SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inc Installation
SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Installation

The video transmitter and the rc receiver fit perfectly between the flight controller and the top plate.

SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Backside
SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Backside

I really recommend the U.FL to SMA Female Right Angle Pigtail to mount the VTX antenna.

SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch RunCam Owl
SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch RunCam Owl

The design is very compact. The all up weight (auw) is 249g with a 4S 850mah tattu lipo. There is less space bewteen the rotors and the frame. That can cause propeller impacts on the frame when you crash. You can save more weight if you use the Super Mini – 600TVL Mini FPV Camera (1.8mm / 2.8mm Lens). The standoffs for this CMOS camera are already included in the frame package.

SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Port
SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Port


This is a very powerful 3 inch setup. I love this little copter. But be aware: It costs nearly the same as a 5″ fpv racer. The KISS standard PIDs don’t work well with this setup. When i enable dshot600 and plug in a 4s lipo, i have to lower the Kd from 10 to 2.5 on pitch and roll. Otherwise the morots get very, very, very hot :-)! I also lowered the Kp from 3 to 2.6/2.7. There is nealy no vibration so i turned off the LPF filter.

SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Brotherhobby
SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Brotherhobby

The BrotherHobby motors perform very well with this setup. Thrust-to-weight ratio is insane. The KISS escs are rated for 16a and 21a burst. For 4S tri-props it’s precisely right. I will post flight videos and pid-tuning tips for this build in upcoming days.

SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Front
SpeedAddict Superlight 3 Inch Front
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